Pictures from Benny's cactus garden

Winter pictures

Photo of cactus bed #2 and #1 in the background. December 6th. 1998.

#272 Cylindropuntia imbricata var. arborescens, Baca Co., Colorado. After a night with -21C, the plant died, but those plants that where protected against winter moisture survived.

#145 Echinocereus coccineus, Greenlee Co., Arizona, SB850. After a night with -21C

My South Dakota bed in Marts 1998, in the back ground are the Colorado bed  and the Utah bed.

#192B Yucca sp.

A view under the winter protection above bed #1.

Bed # 2 covered by snow, in the background is the protected bed #1.

Colorado bed.

#698 Cylindropuntia viridiflora Pojaque ,New Mexico Left photo is on August 29th 1998, Right photo is on December 6th 1998.

Some of my frames with Opuntia plants grown in pots, note that there are 5 cm "air" between the "lid" and the frames this is to insure that there are some aeration, if not the plants would rot during the almost 7 months under the protection.

This frame is taller while it's for Yucca plants grown in pots.

#5 Opuntia phaeacantha var. camanchica 'Albispina'

Opuntia cymochila, Larimer Co., Colorado, DJF933.13
#173  Opuntia cymochila
Larimer Co., Colorado.
Large yellow flowers that fade to orange the second day,
Wonderful large dark green pads with white spines .
Very hardy from, grown without protection.

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