#1467 Yucca gloriosa

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I got this one from Kirstin Nørgaard Pedersen, Beder, Denmark (She is a fern expert!). Kirstin has her plant from Stedefreuder Staudengärtnerei near Bielefeld Germany in 1982. Her plant is planted in a warm spot, in well drained soil. and have done very well in the 18 years she has grown it.

The root-cutting I planted in August 2000, is of course still very small, buy eventually with it be a very big plant with very stiff leaves with sharp brown spine.

#1367 Yucca gloriosa
growing in Kirstin's Garden.
Photo by Kirstin Nørgaard Pedersen ©1994-2001

A leaf of #1467 Yucca gloriosa.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen ©2001

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