BMJ # 1439, Yucca recurvifolia

# 1439 is planted in the new bed in June 2001.
Mother plant in bloom at my friend Bjarne's garden.
January 2003.
 January 2007
 January 2007
 August 2008

#1439 Yucca recurvifolia.
This form of Yucca recurvifolia is very much like Yucca ' Danica ', and it may be the same form?. I got it from my friend Bjarne Kjempf, in the summer of 2000. He got it from an old man whom had a 100 cm tall plant with a trunk 10 cm thick.

Short description of the species:
Leaves: recurving, plicate, underside rough, 60 to 100 cm long, up to 6 cm wide, bluish green with a short brown spine at the tip.
Inflorescence: it usually bloom in April/May but occasionally plants may bloom in September/October, this weird behavior could be because Yucca recurvifolia might be a hybrid of either Yucca aloifolia X Yucca filamentosa or Yucca aloifolia X Yucca flaccida the latter being the most obvious suggestion. The flowers are held above the leaves, and the inflorescence can reach 150 cm in height.
Fruit: not known
Seeds:  not known

This form is until now, the best form I have tested in my garden here in northern Denmark. It is actually growing a lot faster than I have expected, but plants grown in pots that are stored in the unheated greenhouse, are growing a lot slower, specially if they are grown in pots smaller than 15 liter. The only problem I  have noticed is that the leaves often, due to high humidity, is getting black spots, because of some kind of fungus infection, which only attack the oldest leaves. The plant will however quickly outgrow the infected leaves which I cut of in spring. The cutting of leaves might speed up the speed which the trunk is growing, so it actually helps the plant to look even greater.

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