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October 2011
As frequent visitors most likely have noticed, has there not been updating of any significance on this website for very long. It's due to health problems, and I will therefore reduce the contents of this website, so the site in the future "only" will be about Yucca, hardy cactus and other hardy succulents. All pages with caudex plants, Cucurbitaceae and Asclepiadaceae, and photos related to those, will be deleted some time in the beginning of 2012. I do however hope that someone wish to "adobt" the pages and photos (not photos which I do not have the copyright of, those I can not hand over to others.) Most of the text is in Danish, and I wish it to continue in Danish. If you are up for this "job" please write to me.

December 23rd. 2010
I wish all happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

December 2010.
A page about the new "Jensen hybrids " made in 2010, is uploaded.
A page with photos of the parent plants to the new "Jensen hybrids " made in 2010, is uploaded.

September 23rd. 2010.
The page with the "Jensen hybrid" Yucca glauca x hybrid #1402, is updated with many more photos of the plant, now with it's HUGE fruits.
The page with Yucca hybrids made the late 20th and early 21st. century, has been updated and is now covering hybrids made from 1945 to 2009. As soon as the seeds from all the hybrids made in 2010 is harvested, they will be added too.

September 11th. 2010.
The page about Yucca nana is updated with many more photos of cultivated plants.
The page with photos of  Yucca 'Jensen hybrid' (flaccida x glauca) is updated with new photos.

August 27th. 2010.
The page about #388B Yucca rupicola, Kerr Co., Texas has been updated.

June 10th. 2010.
The page with the "Jensen hybrid" Yucca glauca x hybrid #1402, is updated with many more photos of the plant in bloom.

March 20. 2010.
A photo gallery page with winter photos taken March 15th. and 19th. 2010 is uploaded.

Februar 23. 2010.
Two gallery pages with winter photos is uploaded.
Photos from Februar 6th ? 11th. 2010.
Photos from February 21st. 2010

December 8th. 2009.
A page with a list of the new Yucca hybrids which I have made in 2009, is uploaded.

October 25th. 2009
For about a week ago did we have a serious break down on your computer, I think that I have rescued most (hopefully) of the data, but weare not finished transferring all the gigabytes (around 300 GB) to the new hard disk yet. If
you have written to us lately and not received an answer, please send your request again, we might have lost it.

October 1st. 2009.
A page about the Yucca "Jensen Hybrid (filamentosa X glauca), is uploaded.

September 30th. 2009.
Updated pages on
The page about variegated Yuccas is updated.

September 9th. 2009.
Updated pages on
The page about Yucca 'Albuquerque Mystery I' is updated with more photos.

September 3rd. 2009.
Updated pages on
The page about the first blooming Jensen Yucca hybrid # 1827 (filamentosa garden form x glauca) is updated with more photos, and photos of the fruits.

July 18th. 2009.
Updated pages on
The page about # 1454. Yucca "Karlsruhensis type 2" has been updated.

June 16th. 2009.
This year we will have a lot of flowers in our Yuccas again, totally there will be 42 rosettes with flowers, during the summer. Not like last years record which were 58 blooming rosettes. The first has opened the flowers (growing in an unheated greenhouse), and I think that the last flowers drops of sometime in late August. The 42 flowers stalks are on 11 different Yuccas.

Have a nice flowerseason everyone.

May 14th. 2009.
Updated pages on
The page about Yucca hybrids made in the 21st. century, has been updated.

January 2009.
At the moment am I, due to health problems, not able answer any e-mails, if you have questions about anything, I suggest that you try to ask them in one of the forum's below:

Hardy desert and other exotic plants
This is an internet forum, which is very easy to navigate, is both in English and/or in German, with members all around the world, here you will be able to "talk" about Yucca, hardy cactus, hardy succulents, palms, books and many other topics. Join today.

Yucca ? Co  is a forum in German language, you can write in English, but you can expect to get the answer in German.

Great forum about Yuccas and Agaves.

I hope, to be "fit for fight" again in late March or early April.

January 19th. 2009.
NEW page:
A page with photos of Yuccas in the Budapest Botanical garden in Hungary has been uploaded.

January 14th. 2009.
My computer have had a serious hardiest failure, and I may have lost you message, if you have send me an email in the period from around Christmas 2008 and January 14th.

January 4th. 2009.
NEW page:
Page with photos from Michael Bechtold's Yucca garden in Mannheim, Germany.
Page about Yucca hybrids made by Demeter Janakidisz.

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