At the moment am I, due to health problems, not able answer any emails, if you have questions about anything, I suggest that you try to ask them in one of the forum's below:

Hardy desert and other exotic plants
This is an internet forum both in English and/or in German, with members all around the world, here you will be able to "talk" about Yucca, hardy cactus, hardy succulents, palms, books and many other topics. Join today.

Yucca & Co  is a forum in German language, you can write in English, but you can expect to get the answer in German.

Exotiska växter i Skandinavien

Before you write an e-mail please read this:

To save both you and me some time, please check the FAQ page (only about Yuccas so far) and/or do a search on my web site. Most frequently asked questions I receive, are already answered here."

I get approximately 30 e-mails each day, and if I should be answering those it would take all of my time (I have a full time job and a big garden to take care of). Please expect the time of response to be within the 2 to 4 week range, in the spring and summer when orders are being handled, the time of response will longer. If you don't get any reply within that range, please send your question again, my computer could have been out of order!

Note that I do not answer any e-mail without identification of the sender. I don't need the street address, but I like to know where the e-mail sender lives, this makes it a lot easier for me to answer questions about hardiness, cultivation etc.

Just write like this:

Benny Moeller Jensen
Haestrup, Hjoerring

If it's a question about hardiness, cultivation etc. please write a few lines about your growing and climate conditions.

Danish, Norwegian and  Swedish will be answered in Danish.
Dutch, English and German will be answered in English.
Russian will be answered in Russian. Please be patient with an answer in Russian, for a quicker answer please write if you read English.


I would like to get pictures of your plants and gardens, but please keep the maximum file size to about 500 KB or less. If I may use your photo online or in publications please let me know. Any photo I use will of course be credited with your name and copyright.

I look forward to answer your questions and see your pictures.

Kind Regards

Benny Moeller Jensen

e-mail:  info(a)yuccainfo.dk please note that the (a) need to be replaced with an @

It's e-mails like this one that I do not answer:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Earthlink mail" <-----------@earthlink.net>
To: <info(a)yuccainfo.dk>
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 10:02 PM
Subject: Yucca glauca questions

> Hi,
> Yucca glauca grows naturally around here, and I want to get some plants
> going  in my yard. Several existing plants have recently grown those
> seed stalks, and I want to know:
> 1]  if and how I can use those to plant in my yard.
> 2]  how long it would take the plants to grow from these seeds
> 3] if I should do any watering or fertilizing to help the process along.
> Thanks

It's an anonymous person, so such an e-mail, will end in the deleted mail folder!

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