List of "WANTED" plants or seeds:

This is a small list of plants that I'm currently looking for as seeds or plants. The plants are listed in family order


Yucca filamentosa/flaccida x thompsoniana a hybrid made by van den Berg in 2008. My seeds didn't germinate :-(
Yucca arkansana ssp. freemanii (plants or seeds)
Yucca arizonica (plants or seeds)
Yucca brevifolia forma herbertii (plants or seeds)
Yucca confinis (plants or seeds)
Yucca 'Filata'  (Hybrid by Hochstätter, Yucca filamentosa x Yucca elata)
Yucca 'Danica' (plants) (also known as Y. 'Samsø')
Yucca 'Garlands Gold' (plant or cutting)
Yucca gloriosa mediostriata, (plant or cutting)
Yucca harrimaniae ssp. sterilis (plants as it does not make seeds!)
Yucca necopina (plants or seeds)
Any of Sprengers hybrids, as I only been able to find a very few of Sprengers hybrids.
Any Yucca hybrid with or with out a sort name (plants or seeds).


Opuntia fragilis with known location data (cuttings, or seeds).


Dendrosicyos socrotrana (plants or seeds)
Dieterlea fusiformis (from Mexico, dioecious) I'm looking for both a male and a female plant or seeds.
Gerrardanthus macrorhizus (lobatus) (Silver leaved form), Female plant. (I have 1 big male plant already!)
Tumamoca macdougalii (from Mexico, Monoecious) (Seeds or plants)

Phyllostachys aureosulcata, the green form.
Fargesia dracocephala
Other hardy bamboos, which isn't on my list of bamboos (Danish text).

I'm searching for information about F. N. Rusanov, a Professor from the Botanical Institute and Botanical Garden in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan. Until now I have the following:

Yucca filamentosa x glauca, this cross gives strong plants which is good for frost and snow.
Yucca elata x glauca No information at the time of writing!
Yucca filamentosa x elata, this cross gives plants with narrow dark green leaves, compact rosette, inflorescense up to 2 meter tall.
Yucca elata x baileyi ssp. intermedia, this cross gives  plants with long narrow leaves, when the plants are mature they have a big rosette o of leaves and look very much like a Dasylirion from distance.

Any litterature about the Rusanov hybrids would be very interesting for me.

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