Yucca filamentosa (BMJ # 1466)

This one have i got from Kirstin Nørgaard Pedersen, Beder, Denmark (She is a fern expert, take a look at her website! note that the text is in Danish). Kirstin has her plant from her Aunt who got it from the Late gardener Olsen who worked at Copenhagen Botanical Garden in the 1940's . So this is really a very hardy clone as it has survived at least 60 years of the harsh Danish winters!

The leaves of this form is around 50 cm long and the inflorescence is around 150 cm tall.

A leaf of #1466 Yucca filamentosa.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen ©2000-2005

#1466 Yucca filamentosa growing in Kirstin's Garden.
Photo by Kirstin Nørgaard Pedersen ©1994-2005

Note! that the plant on the left photo has a fruit, which is VERY unusual here in Denmark, It has only happened once in the 30 years Kirstin has grown this plant! It would be interesting to know which insect that had done the pollination, while there are no Yucca moths in Denmark!

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