Yucca 'Albuquerque Mystery II'

Received as seeds in 1991 from Mesa Garden ( #1997.9 ), with the name Yucca recurvifolia.!

The seeds where collected by David J. Ferguson in his garden in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in his garden Yucca recurvifolia blooms together with Yucca glauca, so this is probably the "parents" for this beautiful hybrid. I have two clones of this hybrid (192A & 192B) but only one of them has flowered (192B). 192A is not as large as 192B. Both are very difficult to propagate, and I have not been able make more than a two cuttings of each in the past 13 years!
1192A will however soon be available, as in the winter of 2003-2004, did the Dutch in vitro lab Succulent Tissue Culture (STC) get a cutting of #192A and the last report (July 2006) was that the in-vitro plants are doing well and I will be able to start selling this beautiful plant in late May 2007!

#192B, Yucca sp. June 1998.
Notice that the plant has a flower bud in the center.


It's a very  hardy plant, and it show no or little damage after even very cold winters.

Other remarks on this hybrid:

July 7th 1998

July 7th 1998

The flowers of this species is up to 8 cm long, the petals are purplish outside and white inside the flower. The rosettes doesn't die ( like Yucca filamentosa, and Yucca flaccida ), but continue it's growth in several rosettes, it also produces few pups, around the "mother" plant.

Above is a photo of the plant in January 1995, This winter there were down to -20C, for three weeks, and the temperature was not above freezing for four months:


Besides my two clones of this hybrid, do I have knowledge of at least two more which is cultivated in Germany, both in Rüdiger Mattern's garden. All the four different clones are quite different, but they are equal beautiful. Rüdiger Mattern has succesfully propagted one of his clones by rhizome cuttings, but the second clone he has not been ableo to propagate, while it does not develop sutiable rhizomes for propagation.

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