Yucca carnerosana

Yucca carnerosana in habitat (Big Bend area Texas)
Photo by J.R. Manhart ©1999-


Yucca carnerosana (Trelease, 1902 ) McKelvey in Yuccas of the S.W.U.S. 1:24 1938

Yucca australis Trelease, Mo. bot. gard. Ann. rpt. 4:190, 1893 as to Pringle specimens only. Not Yucca australis (Engelmann.) Trelease., 1902
Samulea carnerosana Trelease, Mo. Vot. Gard. Ann. Rpt. 13:118, 1902.

Clones, and Hybrids:
In habitat it can be possible to find hybrids of  Yucca carnerosana X Yucca filifera or Yucca carnerosana X Yucca decipiens.

Unpublished names:
Yucca faxoniana var. carnerosana

Type location:
Limestone Hills, Carneros Pass, Carneros, Northeastern Mexico (Coahuila).

Only in south-central Brewster County, eastern Rio Grande Big Bend area Texas. Although it occasionally occurs in small patches along the lower bajada washes, it is usually thinly scattered on the eastern and southeastern foothills of the Carmen Mountains between Mountains from  450 to 750 m elevation. Yucca carnerosana is mostly distributed in Mexico where it grows as far south as to the Tropic of Cancer.

Short description of the species:
Plant arborescent, 200 to 350 cm tall (occasionally up to 500 cm tall) with a stem that are up to 35 cm thick, branched once or twice 150  to 200 cm above ground level, it has with beautiful symmetrical rosettes of leaves. Leaves 50 to 100 cm long, 5,2 to 7,5 cm wide. Inflorescence 150 to 200 cm tall, scape 75 to 100 cm 7,5 to 10 cm thick at the base, panicle starts 30 cm above the leaves and have about 20 to 30 branchlets, which are from 15 to 60 cm long. Flowers 6,5 to 9,5 cm long, anthers 0,5 to 0,7 cm in length, pistil 5,5 to 7 cm long, ovary approximately 5 times as long as broad and 0,7 to 1,2 cm thick., style 0,7 mm long 3 mm thick. Fruit fleshy, indehiscent, 10 cm long, 4 cm thick. Seeds black, thick, and wingless.

Seeds of Yucca carnerosana, Texas, Five Mt. area, 1.250 m., fh 1179.45, seeds were sown in June 2000.

Not Known! Please report if you are growing this species.

This species is closely related to Yucca faxoniana

Yucca carnerosana growing in Agder Natur Museum's Botanical Garden's Greenhouse, Kristiansand, Norway.
Photo by Benny M. Jensen ©1999
Yucca carnerosana
Grown in Alexander Heim's garden in Greece. Copyright 2008 Alexander Heim.

My own plants:
#1343 Yucca carnerosana, Texas, Five Mt. area, 1.250 m., fh 1179.45, sown 2000

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