Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana

Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana
Photo by Alex Cringan Copyright © 2001-2008

Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana (McKelvey) Hochstaetter, Succulenta 80 (6): 267 (2001)

Yucca brevifolia var. wolfei JONES, in West Bot. Contrib. 18: 125, 1935
Yucca jaegeriana (McKelvey) L.W. Lenz, Aliso 24: 99 (2007)
Yucca brevifolia var. jaegeriana, MCKELVEY, in Arnold Arboretum Jour. 16: 269. pl. 139. 1935

Type location:
Vicinity of the Shadow Mountains, San Bernardino Co., California about 1200 m.

from Shadow, Kingston, Clark and New York Mountains, northeastern San Bernardino Co., California East and Northeast across Clark Co., Nevada, into Washington Co., Utah, and Mohave Co., Arizona. in 1050 m to 2000 m. elevation.

Short description of the species:
Plant Like Yucca brevifolia ssp. brevifolia, but has a much smaller growth habit, it's only 3 to 6 m tall, with many and shorter branches, that starts closer to ground level, usually below 100 cm. Leaves like Yucca brevifolia ssp. brevifolia but shorter, 10 to 20 cm in length.

All other parts are like Yucca brevifolia ssp. brevifolia.

Leaf of Yucca brevifolia var. jaegeriana, Nevada, McCullough Mts.
Photo by Benny Moeller Jensen ©2000-2008

Not known!, I have a 5 year old plant that has been growing inside an unheated greenhouse for 3 summers and two winters (very mild winters!). It's a fast grower the center of the rosette is in almost 30 cm height!


Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana in Hualapai Valley Joshua Trees Grove, Mohave County, Arizona, February 10, 2001. This grove is to the south of the extreme eastern extension of Lake Mead on the Colorado River, about 20 km to the southeast of Lake Mead
Photo by Alex Cringan Copyright © 2001-2008

Judy and Robert Johnson in the front yard garden with one of their small Joshua threes Yucca brevifolia (probably ssp. jaegeriana).
Photo taken on December 7th. 2000.
Photo by Judy Johnson Copyright © 2000-2008.

Yucca brevifolia var. jaegeriana
Plant growing in a remote area in S.W. Utah.
Photo Nathan Abbott, Copyright 2003-2008.

Here are a link to one of Tom Schweich pages about Eastern Mojave Vegetation. Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana In bloom along Kelbaker Road. A cinder cone in the Cima Volcanic Field is in the background.

My own plants:

I only have one plant of this species:
#591A Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana, Nevada, McCullough Mts., sown 1995 seeds from Christa's Cactus #550. Grown inside an unheated greenhouse, planted in 1997.
Photo from April 1999.
Benny M. Jensen ©1999
Photo from December 2000.
Benny M. Jensen ©2000.
Photo from August 2009.
Benny M. Jensen ©2009

I had another clone of it, #591B Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana, Nevada, McCullough Mts. which also were sown 1995. This plant Is now growing in Succulenten Samlung Zurich.

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