Pictures from Benny's cactus garden

Hardy South African Succulents.

#113 Aloinopsis spathulata,
Sutherland South Africa
Super flowers, not fully hardy in Denmark, dies in severe winters. (-12C is OK)

#185  Delosperma cooperi
-20C, can survive mild winters

#553 Delosperma nubrigenum, HORT
South Africa -20C
Alpine house or well protected bed.
The center picture is from the garden of Lary Junge in Colorado.

#1335 Delosperma sp. (cf. cooperii!)
Kwa Zulu, Natal, Matatiala, South Africa -?C
seeds from NARGS #5980 (NSA212) sown 1997
Alpine house or well protected bed.

#1450 Drosanthemum hispidum
This plant did not survive the winter of 2001-2002.
It was grown in pot that stood in a covered frame.

Crassula milfordiae
Alpine house or well protected bed, or covered by a sheet of class during the winter!

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