Yucca harrimaniae

Yucca harrimaniae Trelease, Ann.  Rept.  Missouri Bot.  Gard.  13: 59 (1902)

Yucca colo-ma Andrews, Cat. Rockmont Nursery 1926: 22

Clones, and Hybrids:
Yucca harrimaniae x nana (natural hybrid!)

Subspecies, varieties and forma:
Yucca harrimaniae ssp.  neomexicana (Wooton & Standley) Hochstaetter, Cactaceae-Review IRT 1 (2):  21 (1998)
Yucca harrimaniae ssp. sterilis (Neese & Welsh) Hochstaetter, Cactaceae-Review IRT 1 (2): 21 (1998)
Yucca harrimaniae ssp. gilbertiana (Trelease) Hochstaetter, YUCCA (vol. I): 36 (2000)

Type location:
Helper, Carbon Co., Utah.

In Grassland, Sagebrush, Pinyon-Juniper and Montainbrush areas, on desert ridges and hills from Utah to Western and southern Colorado, North eastern Arizona and Northern New Mexico, from 1000 m. to as high as 2700 m. elevation.

Short description of the species:
Plants Acaulescent, forming small groups of 1 to 20 rosettes, 30 to 100 cm wide across. Leaves grey-green to blue-green or green, linear-lanceolate, concavo-convex, 10 to 50 cm long, 0,7 to 1,4 cm wide, with white filiferous margin. Inflorescence 40 to 100 cm high, racemose or with short branches (rare!). Flowers starts among the leaves, bell-shaped white, sometimes the outer tepals are yellow to yellow-brownish or tinged violet, about 4-6 cm long. Fruit cylindrical, standing upright, woody, 3,5 to 6 cm long, 1,5 to 3 cm thick, constricted, splitting wide open when the seeds are ripe. Seeds black, has a rugged surface 0,8 x 0,8 cm, the seeds remains viable for years. Flowering time April to July in nature.

I haven't had much experience with this species yet, but I have grown the species that it grows with in habitat: Sclerocactus pubispinus, Sclerocactus spinosior, Sclerocactus spinosior ssp. blainei, Sclerocactus parviflorus, Sclerocactus wrightiae, Pediocactus bradyi ssp. despainii, Pediocactus bradyi ssp. winkleri, Pediocactus simpsonii, All those species can be grown in an unheated greenhouse here in Denmark. I have a single plant in a protected bed, but it hasn't been trough a hard winter yet, so I can't be sure if it's totally hardy there!

I have a friend gardening in Boulder, Colorado, USA, she has been growing Yucca harrimaniae for many years, but it has not bloomed yet;

Photo Lauren Springer Copyright ©2000.

Related species:
Yucca harrimaniae ssp. gilbertiana
Yucca harrimaniae ssp. neomexicana
Yucca harrimaniae ssp. sterilis
Yucca nana

ANDREWS, Cat. Rockmont Nursery 1926: 22 (Yucca coloma)
HOCHSTAETTER, Cactaceae-Review IRT 1 (2):  21 (1998) (Yucca harrimaniae ssp. neomexicana)
HOCHSTAETTER, Cactaceae-Review IRT 1 (2): 21 (1998) (Yucca harrimaniae ssp. sterilis)
HOCHSTAETTER, F., (1998) Succulenta 77 (2):72. (Yucca nana)
HOCHSTAETTER, F., (1998) Kaktusbluete :29. (Yucca nana)
HOCHSTAETTER, F., (1998) Succulenta
HOCHSTAETTER, F; (2000), YUCCA (vol. I): 32-33 (Yucca harrimaniae ssp. harrimaniae)
HOCHSTAETTER, F; (2000), YUCCA (vol. I): 34 (Yucca harrimaniae ssp. neomexicana)
HOCHSTAETTER, F; (2000), YUCCA (vol. I): 35 (Yucca harrimaniae ssp. sterilis)
HOCHSTAETTER, F; (2000), YUCCA (vol. I): 36 (Yucca harrimaniae ssp. gilbertiana)
HOCHSTAETTER, F; (2000), YUCCA (vol. I): 37-38 (Yucca nana)
NEESE & WELSH, Great Basin Naturalist 45 (4): 789-790 (1985) (Yucca harrimaniae var. sterilis)
REVEAL, Intermountain Flora 6: 530 (1977)  (Yucca harrimaniae var. neomexicana)
RYDBERG, Fl. Rocky Mts. 1061. 1917(1918) (Yucca gilbertiana)
TRELEASE, Ann. Rept. Missouri Bot. Gard. 13: 59 (1902) (Yucca harrimaniae)
TRELEASE, Annual Rep. Missouri Bot.Gard.18: 225, 1907. (Yucca harrimaniae var. gilbertiana)
WOOTON & STANDLEY, Contrib. U. S. Nat. Herb. 16: 115 (1913) (Yucca neomexicana)

I only have a few single pictures of some two and three year old seedlings of Yucca harrimaniae, so if you have a photo of a blooming plant, that I may use please let me know

#780 Yucca harrimaniae, Torrey Co., Utah, 2000 m., fh1178.51, sown 1997.
3 year old seedling, grown in a protected bed, has handled one out there so far and it was still OK in February 2001!
Photo Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright ©2000

#891 Yucca harrimaniae, Henry Mts., Utah, 1550 m., fh 1178.75, sown 1998.
2 year old seedlings, grown pots inside the greenhouse.
Photo Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright ©2000

#916 Yucca harrimaniae Granit Wash, Utah, 1525 m., fh1178.87, sown 1998
2 year old seedlings, grown pots inside the greenhouse.
Photo Benny Moeller Jensen Copyright ©2000

My own Yucca harrimaniae:

1063 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Boulder Mts., 2700 m. fh 1179.36 s1999
1074 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Coal Cliffs Castle, 1850 m.    fh 1178.50 s1999
916 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Granit Wash 1525 m    fh 1178.87 s1998
891 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Henry Mts. 1550 m.    fh 1178.75 s1998
890 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Indian Canyon 2000 m.    fh 1178.74 s1998
892 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Springs Area 1500 m.    fh 1178.76 s1998
1062 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Torrey Co., 2000 m.    fh 1178.51 s1999
780 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Torrey Co., 2000 m  G ? fh 1178.51 s1997
1015 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Wayne Co.  G -23  s1998 MG 19976 Small beautiful rosettes
1215 Yucca harrimaniae Utah Wayne Co.     s1999 MG 1997.6 Small beautiful rosettes

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