Sascha Svatek hybrids.

Natural occurring Yucca hybrids:
"Wild" Yuccas interbreeds with cultivated Yucca:
Man made Yucca hybrids:
How to pollinate Yucca flowers by hand:
Some of the hybrids that I grow here in Northern Denmark:
Hybrids from gardens, not man made:
Jensen hybrids 2003
Jensen hybrids 2004
Sprenger hybrids made in early 20th. Century.

Yucca 'Bright Edge' x thompsoniana. made by Sascha Svatek, Germany in 2006.

Yucca 'Bright Edge'  thompsoniana Yucca 'Marcel' in Sascha Svatek's Garden, May 2009.
This clone is named after Sascha Svatek's son Marcel.
This clone is grown in my garden.

Photo from Februar 2009.


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