Dave Sierer, Wisconsin, U.S.A., USDA zone 4.

Photo of Dave and one of his many cactus beds.
Photo by Dave Sierer ©2000-2005.

Climate data:

In Wisconsin, they have an average minimum temperature of -34C (-30F), but the temperature can drop to -40C (40F)!

Dave has the following species and forms of Yucca in cultivation in his garden:

Yucca baccata
Yucca faxoniana x glauca F2 hybrid
Yucca filamentosa & several forms and hybrids
Yucca glauca
Yucca harrimaniae
Yucca nana (protected against winter moisture with a plastic bucket from the end of October to mid April), but several two year old Yucca nana have survived well completely unprotected.

Yucca nana In David Sierer's garden in Wisconsin.
Copyright ©2000-2005 David Sierer.

In Dave's garden you will not only find Yucca, but a wide range of hardy cactus and other drought resistant plants.

Dave's Cactus bed # 2
Copyright ©2000-2005 David Sierer.

Dave's Cactus bed # 2
Copyright ©2000-2005 David Sierer.

Dave is the "founder and host" of the mailing list Toocoldforcactus, and you can join here:

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Dave was also one of the "founders" of  "The Winter Hardy Cactus and Succulent Association".

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