Yucca pollination.

Photo of two "Bogus Yucca  Moth" Prodoxus quinquepunctellus in a red sepaled form of Yucca glauca from North Dakota.
Photo by Dave Sierer ©2000-2005

Above you can see the fruit of Yucca filamentosa ssp. ?(Golden Sword') with the larvae from the Yucca moth.
Copyright ©2003-2005 Diane Illingworth.

I haven't had much time to write about this very special subject and very interesting subject, so I will recommend that you read the following excellent pages:

Prodoxidae "The yucca moth family"
This page is #1 web site about the Yucca Moth Family.
After reading the pages at this site, have I decided not to write any pages about this topic, as this site has it all!

The Yucca  and Its Moth, Pollination That Depends On A Small Moth, WAYNE'S WORD Volume 9 (Number 2) Summer 2000: Here you will find many fantastic photos of the Moth Tegeticula maculata which is the pollinator for Yucca whipplei.

The Yucca Plant and the Yucca moth:  Good site with excellent explanation on the symbioses of the Yucca plant and the Yucca moth

Acording to David J. Ferguson is some species of Yucca self sterile and others are self fertile, and he have gotten good fruit when self pollinating Yucca recurvifolia, Yucca pallida, Yucca rupicola, Yucca thompsoniana and Yucca aloifolia. He has not been able to get fruits on anything related to the Yucca glauca complex (Yucca glauca, Yucca elata and kind), when they were tried to be self pollinated!.

I have tried pollinating Yucca's but until july 2003 I hadn't had any luck. But then my friend the "Danish Yucca moth" Pia Larsen, ask why I didn't try to make fruits on all my blooming Yucca plants (39 inflorescence in 2003), I told her that it was difficult and she then tried with Yucca arkansana x Yucca filamentosa and visa versa, and the filamentosa x arkansana seedlings have grown into nice plants of which one has bloomed (not in my garden but in the garden of Steen Stjerne, whom is gardening on the Danish isle Samsø) You can see photos of this hybrid here. Do also take a look at the page about Yucca hybrids, and read more about how to make your own Yucca hybrids, and see the list of Yuccas we have cross pollinated in the summer of 2003. In 2004 I were lucky again and did make several interesting hybrids. In 2005,2006, and 2007 I did not have any luck pollination any Yuccas. As I write this in july 2008, do I have at least 12 fruits on my plants and I have pollinated many more which I hope will grow into fruits.

How to hand pollinate Yuccas?:

Yucca hybrids made in the summer of 2003.
Yucca hybrids made in the summer of 2004.
Yucca hybrids made in the summer of 2008.
Read about the hybrids of 2009.
Read about the hybrids of 2010.

Natural occurring Yucca hybrids:
"Wild" Yuccas interbreeds with cultivated Yucca:
Man made Yucca hybrids:
How to pollinate Yucca flowers by hand:
Some of the hybrids that I grow here in Northern Denmark:
Hybrids from gardens, not man made:
List of man made Yuccas in the late 20th. Century and in the early  21st. Century:
Variegated Yuccas.:

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