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Nordisk Kaktus Selskab was not what it is today without the support and assistance from a lot of Cactus, Asclep and Yucca friends and experts around the world.

I send my special thanks to;

Al Dribrell, California, whom has learned me a lot about the Yucca species in the Mojave desert, and he is a great friend in the CSSA Yucca cyberrobin.
Bill King, Utah.
Bill Beaston, Idaho, well known Cactus collector, who knows a lot about the cactus native to Idaho and adjacent states: Pediocactus, Sclerocactus and Opuntia.
Bjarni Åkesson Filholm, Denmark, librarian from the public Library in Hjoerring, whom has helped me with many hard to find publications.
Carl Wishner, California, whom has send me many pictures and information about the plants in the Yucca whipplei complex.
Craig Howe, California, another friend and member of the CSSA cyberrobin, with a lot of knowledge about the Genus Yucca and the Genus Opuntia.
Dave J. Ferguson, New Mexico, a good friend whom has contributed with a lot of very valuable information my web pages, and whom also has send a lot of very valuable information to the Hardycacti_etc.
Fritz Hochstätter, Germany, whom has supplied me with information, seeds, photos, and friendship for more than 10 years.
P. C. O. Nørgaard (1917-2003), Denmark, whom very kindly gave me lots of plants, cultivation advice, and friendship for more than 20 years.
Robert Pitman, Idaho, whom has supplied me with seeds, and a lot of valuable information about the Yucca species in Utah.
Steve Jankalski, Maryland, whom has helped with many references which I wasn't able to find any where at all.
Steven Brack, Mesa Garden, New Mexico, for all his support and for letting me use his "Guide to germination and cultivation" as an inspiration for my own version.

I also want to thanks all the people whom has let me use some of their Photo's, given advise or helped me in other ways with my work with hardy cactus and Yucca:

Alex Cringan, Colorado, U.S.A
Andrew Broome, New Zealand
Andrew Treer, Budapest, Hungary.
Anita Otte, Denmark (take a look at her other plants, NOTE Danish text)
Arlene Burraston-White, Virginia, U.S.A
Arno Sprangers, Holland
Bill Beaston, Idaho.
Carl Wishner, California, U.S.A.
Craig Howe, California, U.S.A,
Dave Sierer, Wisconsin, U.S.A
Dixie Dringman, Washington State, U.S.A
Dubbeld Samplonius, Denmark
Finn T. Sørensen, Denmark
Fritz Hochstätter, Germany.
J. H. Manhart, U.S.A
Jaco Bruekers, Holland.
Jakob Baran, Israel (Take a look at his Hoodia collection)
Jim Bennett, California, U.S.A
Judy & Robert Johnson, Utah, U.S.A
Jørgen Sørensen, Denmark.
K. Kristensen, Denmark
Kenneth Ingham, New Mexico, U.S.A
Kevin Zawatzki, Colorado, U.S.A
Klaus Kassin, Germany
Lary J. Junge, Colorado.
Maarten van Thiel, Holland
Maddy Lehmann, South Africa.
Mark van Zwet, Holland
Michael Lorek, Germany
Mike Davy, Canada.
Pascal, Femenia, France.
Patrik Flank, Sweden.
Paul Spracklin, England.
Paul Rose, Birmingham, England (web page with exotic plants)
Robert Maijer, Holland
Tim Behan, Rhode Island, U.S.A
Carl Wishner, California, USA

Thanks to all the people who travels in the field, where they collect seeds and information for us, who live so far from the natural area for hardy Cactus and Yuccas.

Thanks to all the people who has contributed with information about hardy cactus and other hardy succulents to all the discussion clubs that I'm a member of: Cacti_etc, Hardycacti_etc, BotanyBooks, CSSA Yucca cyberrobin.

Thanks to all those who has written to me: questions, information and suggestions to how could be improved, all which is Im very happy for.

To those I may have forgotten to mention, it is pure lack of memory! And I send a great thank to all of you.

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Benny Møller Jensen